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Cast & Crew



Writer & Director

Ashlei Hardenburg

Ashlei is a proud latina from Jersey City, New Jersey. She got her start working as an assistant on shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Orange Is The New Black. She's worked on projects like Killer Unicorn, Sasha Velour's One Dollar Drags,  and the upcoming feature documentary I Am Human. Ashlei's previous directing credits include music videos and the soon-to-be-released short film Role Of A Lifetime. Her favorite movie is Little Shop of Horrors and she considers herself a Karaoke Princess. Ashlei has a B.F.A. in film from Vassar College and was a quarterfinalist in the 2018 Final Draft Big Break Contest for her TV Pilot script Jersey Rican. 


José Alvarez, Nite Fix Productions

Director of Photography

Cory Green


AJ Mattioli, Mattioli Productions

Assistant Director

Anansa Bernard