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a note from the director:

In my early twenties, I struggled with being alone. Spending hours on dating apps seemed like the only way to fill the void. The pressure to be in a relationship and the fear that I would always be alone left me lost. So I wrote a short musical about it. 


Two years later, I finally let a friend check it out. She related to it and encouraged me to bring it to life. After nervously sharing it with others, I got the same response. Now, with years of film and TV experience, an amazing crew, and a wickedly talented cast, we're ready to bring this script from page to screen. But we can't finish this without your help. 

Soon, we'll share a taste of what this could be and you'll be invited to help this project reach its full potential. In the end, we hope this short film speaks to those who have experienced the feelings explored in this film.

Always know: you are not alone. 

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Still from the film